Queensland Regional Art Awards Entry

I have been working hard this week preparing my entry for the Queensland Regional Art Awards.

“Black, White, and Maroon”,  57x78cm, Charcoal, Chinese ink, pencil, permanent marker, wool on 850g Arches water colour paper.


A diversity of peoples and cultures brings colour, vibrancy and life to my part of regional Queensland. I have a degree in genetics and this artwork refers to the method of DNA fingerprinting. Each lane is a single individual. It’s unique pattern results from random and deterministic processes of evolution. The scientific methodology of fingerprinting reduces the colour and complexity of all life to a monochromatic visual order. We are different but profoundly the same. The contrast between sameness and difference, order and chance, mark making by machine, tool and by hand, interests me. I like to create works that are not only pictures but also objects. The characteristics of the materials I’ve used provide additional interest and contrast. The bands appeared akin to stitches. I considered stitching through the image with maroon thread a metaphor for my personal celebration of our coexistence and unity in this place.

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