Maths is Everything/ Everything is Maths!

“Fibonacci Forest” Acrylic on Canvas with Eucalyptus Eco-print. Sonja Parsonage 2016
charcoal and pencil on arches paper.  Sonja Parsonage 2016

In ancient Greece, students of the philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras engaged in deep studies of natural science and self-understanding.  They were called mathematekoi, “those who studied all”.  Since that time, “Maths” has, for most people, restricted its scope to mundane measurement and mere manipulation of quantities.

Pythagoras and his followers knew that Number linked all scales and departments of nature and they considered Geometry the purest visible expression of number.

(Schneider, M.S. 1994.  A Beginner’s Guide to Constructing the Universe.  The mathematical Archetypes of Nature, Art, and Science.  Harper Collins, New York.)

I found working with ruler and compass in my artwork infinitely inspiring. My research and creating has lead me on what is becoming an ardent quest for truth, reason and the nature of reality. My efforts have lead me to a very remarkable book and the amazing world of contemporary cosmology.  I have been devouring it with childlike wonder.  I highly recommend it to anyone who feels a need, as I did, to rise above a world that makes me feel increasingly hopeless, old,  and battle weary.

mathematical universe

Tegmark, Max, 2014.”Our mathematical Universe. My quest for the ultimate Nature of Reality”.  Penguin Random House, UK.

I am only a third of the way through it but I am so excited about his proposition that our reality is not only described by mathematics: it is mathematics.  Would love to hear from others who are reading or have read this book.

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