Lost in Infinity



This week:  Some sculpture.

There is a bora ring not far from here. The bora ring is a sacred aboriginal ceremonial site with very important cultural meaning. It is a tragic site because (to the best of my knowledge; which is meagre as we have very little recorded history to refer to) there are no known surviving members of the indigenous peoples originally occupying this area.

This is absolutely horrific.

I have not examined this history in the work.

I have re-imagined this place. I have used it as a spring board to pursue my interests in the stars and the origin of the universe. Something the indigenous people are known to have had a lot of knowledge about.

The ring is infinite. We get lost on the ring because there is no beginning and no end. The nature of reality is that we are working our way through time and space in infinite loops of infinity

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  1. Sonjia Tremain says:

    Fascinating subject . Looking great 💕💕💕


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